How it all Began!

The I'm Every Woman Expo was created by LaTonya Barber-Spearman, CEO of Eloquets Event Enterprise.  According to LaTonya, "women are remarkable creatures with unique talents and gifts."  Her own experience of being a single mom at the time of its' inception, earning a Master's Degree, and managing her own business is a simple fraction of all that women are accomplishing.  LaTonya says that "women deserve more than a month of recognition or Mother's Day."  According to the attendees and the participants of the expo nationwide, they are in agreement with her.  To learn more about LaTonya and her event firm, click on her name or company name above.  
 Our goal is to provide the optimal experience for women all over the world.  The expo is not your typical women's conference or trade show.  Women all over the world gather to attend because of the warmth, shared connections, resources, shopping, food and fun!  The expo launched in 2008, in Metro Detroit and was surprised at the responses from local and national supporters.  This led to the National Tour and relationships are being established to encourage women and their local businesses.  

We offer exclusive vending opportunities to ensure that business women receive their fair share.  Only 2 businesses are allowed per category.  We thrive on supporting women and having the utmost integrity.  Because of our character and vision, vendors have traveled to Columbus, Chicago and Los Angeles from Detroit.  We find that pretty impressive and want to encourage you to join the movement and be empowered.  


"I really needed this" - Vicky Adams